• yoga therapy as a holistic system
  • relevant philosophical ideas and concepts relating to yoga therapy and the development of our own practice from identified texts such as

o Yoga Sutras
o Upanishads
o Bhagavad Gita
o Hatha Yoga Pradipika

  • ayurvedic principles in relation to yoga therapy

o samkhya philosophy
o triguna
o tridoshas
o ayurveda as a lifestyle

  • yoga’s subtle energy systems including

o koshas
o gross, subtle and causal bodies
o vayus
o nadis
o chakras
o marma points

  • eastern psychological models of Self
  • western psychological and therapeutic models of self

o psychodynanic
o person centred
o transpersonal
o astrological

  • transference, counter transference, projection and presence
  • neuroscientific research in relation to yoga therapy
  • trauma release and yoga therapy
  • the main body systems:

o musculo skeletal
o digestive
o respiratory
o cardiovascular including lymphatic
o nervous
o reproductive
o endocrine
o urinary
o immune

  • and how they relate to:

o the koshas
o western anatomy, and psychology
o pathology, medical conditions and common ailments
o mental health and emotional well-being
o pain management
o current drugs and medication


  • deepen our personal yoga practice especially in relation to pranayama and meditation
  • yoga therapy practices

o kriyas
o asana
o mudra
o bandha
o pranayama
o meditation
o mantra
o relaxation techniques

  • specific yoga therapy practices from

o Dr Pillai
o Dongaonkar

  • basic yoga therapy massage techniques including self massage
  • body work for yoga therapists
  • diet
  • cautions and contra-indications of yoga therapy practices
  • assessing a client and taking a thorough case history
  • design of health questionnaire and pre therapy forms
  • body mapping and observational techniques including gross and subtle
  • devise yoga therapy programmes for individual clients/ small group programmes for specific conditions
  • referring clients on: who, where, when
  • experience and application of counselling skills

o person centred
o psychodynamic
o transpersonal

  • energetic protection techniques
  • ayurveda as a lifestyle

Yoga Therapy as a Profession

  • therapeutic relationship
  • confidentiality
  • boundaries
  • setting up a practice
  • case management
  • presentation
  • client/therapist contract


  • on-going practical assessments
  • on-going written assessments
  • tutor observation including observed client assessment
  • 7 case studies including 3 detailed case studies working with a client over 5 sessions
  • final assignment: title to be agreed with the tutors