Chavutty Thirumal Training

Chavutty Thirumal is an ayurvedic massage originating from South India over 2000 years ago. It was given regularly to Kalari warriors (the martial art of S India) and also to Kathakali dancers (S Indian classical dance form) to help them endure the physical toll of their training.

Dr B P Pillai developed chavutty thirumal as part of his yoga therapy work. It is a full body oil massage mainly given by the practitioner’s foot which covers a wider surface area than the hand. This allows a smooth continuous stroke from the tip of the finger to the tip of the toes for the first massage strokes.

Chavutty Thirumal is a rejuvenating and relaxing massage. It increases flexibility, stimulates the energy flow through the nadis, covers all the marma points, encourages venous blood flow and has a positive effect on all the body systems including the immune system. It therefore increases the body’s own powers of self-healing.

As the massage practitioner, it is important to be a channel for healing energy to flow through. The breath kriyas and pranayama, as taught by Dr Pillai, are the first stage of this training.

For those who are not already practising yoga asana, hip openers plus shoulder and arm strength/flexibility may also be required.

As the training is open to both massage therapists and yoga teachers there is an assumption that anatomy and physiology has been covered to an adequate depth in those previous trainings. However, if an individual feels they require a refresher course this can be discussed and arranged.

For those who have not experienced chavutty thirumal before, it is necessary to have had at least 5 sessions before the strokes can be learnt.

Once all the above requirements have been completed, the massage technique will be taught over 5 x 3 hour sessions with 2 trainees attending each session together. This will cover practical strokes and background theory of Ayurveda, marma points etc.

The assessment includes

  • Observation by tutor of 2 full massages
  • Successful completion of 3 case studies
  • 2 supervision sessions – in person, skype or telephone. More can be arranged if required
  • On-going mentoring and support

On successful completion of course and assessments, SSYT will award a certificate in chavutty thirumal massage.

Venue: White Clouds, Old Station, Palma Place, Melrose TD6 9PR

Costs: The course can be split into 2 parts:

  1.    Fulfilment of the requirements before learning the strokes
        • 5 massages @ £65 per session (prices will vary depending on location and therapist). Session lasts one and a half hours.
        • Kriyas/pranayama @ £40 per 1:1 session or £15 – £20 per small group session – likely to be 4 sessions
        • Movements for flexibility and strength; asanas specifically for hips, shoulders and arms @ £40 per 1:1 session or £15 – £20 per small group session – likely to be at least 3 sessions


  2.    Learning the strokes + completion of all assessments
      • £1025

Before starting the course I will arrange a meeting (or Skype/phone call) to discuss: 

    • previous experience in body work/ body awareness
    • previous experience of meditation
    • commitment and motivation to practise chavutty thirumal
    • how much of Part 1 of the course you need to complete, if any