Students who complete all weekends and assessments successfully will receive the SSYT Diploma in Yoga Therapy which is registered with The Independent Yoga Network (IYN). SSYT yoga therapists can be included on the Yoga Register and obtain insurance through IYN.

The course is designed within the framework of the koshas and other yoga energy systems. Our main focus is to view each person as an individual and to treat the person, not the condition.

SSYT yoga therapists will work holistically and be informed in their practice from

  • their philosophical understanding and practice of yoga and meditation
  • an ability to draw on their intuitive wisdom through their regular practice, especially their meditation practice
  • Dr Pillai’s system of breath kriyas and pranayama
  • basic ayurvedic and marma principles 
  • massage/ body work techniques
  • counselling skills

We will be revisiting western anatomy and physiology to place common ailments and conditions in an allopathic context as many of our clients will come with a label. The trainee yoga therapist already has a wealth of yoga practices they can draw on when designing yoga therapy programmes for either 1:1 clients or small specialised groups. We will build on these and inspire confidence in each trainee to begin working individually with clients in a safe and therapeutic environment.

Venue: Melrose or Galashiels

Thursday 23rd August – Monday 27th August 2018
Yoga therapy, ayurveda, body mapping, body assessment, counselling skills, annamayakosha, musculo-skeletal system, pranamayakosha, respiratory and CVS systems, importance of digestive system for yoga therapy
27/28 October 2018
Integrating body work for yoga therapists with Duncan Hulin
24/25 November 2018
Manomayakosha, vijnamaykosha, anandamayakosha, energy systems, nervous system, neuroscience and western psychological systems
2/3 March 2019
Pain management, mental health, immune & endocrine systems and long term conditions

Friday 10th May – Monday 13th May 2019 
Residential retreat: Immersive weekend of practice also including yoga therapy and trauma release 

31 August/ 1 September 2019
Reproductive system , pregnancy, fertility, menopause; hypermobility; revisiting digestive system, ama and agni
26/27 October 2019
Integrating the course

November 2019 – March 2020
Completion of all case studies, homework and final assignment

Costs: £2750 including

·  All non-residential weekends including course notes and powerpoint presentations

·  4 day residential weekend (including accommodation and food)

·  All assessment support and marking

·  Regular homework

·  4 x 3 session case studies and 3 x 5 session case studies

·  Final assignment

·  On-going support and mentoring


Deposit of £500 before 1st May 2018 secures a place. (Non returnable after 1st May 18)

Payment can then be made in one lump sum or by instalments:

· £1000 by 1st August 2018

· £750 by 31st January 2019

· £500 by 1st May 2019